Mailstream Direct inserting system

Process more mail on every shift

The BlueCrest Mailstream Direct inserting system offers a clear advantage to stay ahead of your competition.  Designed to take on critical direct mail inserting jobs, the high-speed platform, efficient work cell, and precision processing deliver record-setting performance.  The Mailstream Direct gives you greater capabilities so you can take on more jobs with fewer operators.



For direct mail providers, processing increasingly complex direct mail requires a balance of speed and accuracy while achieving the lowest cost per mail piece.

The innovative BlueCrest Mailstream Direct meets this challenge by delivering an unparalleled combination of precision, speed and efficiency designed to drive profitable results for your operation.  Utilized by the largest service providers worldwide, this robust, reliable platform maximizes production uptime and operational savings.

Precision, high yield performance

  • Process personalized mail with precision and accuracy.
  • Generate more mail on every shift with letter processing at speeds up to 22,000 pieces per hour.
  • Drive lower per piece costs to make your operation more competitive and profitable.
  • Meet critical turnaround times with the robust, reliable platform.
  • Keep your operation running 24/7 with training and services that meet your specific operational needs.


Increased productivity has never been simpler.

  • Meet critical turnaround times with robust, efficient letters processing at speeds up to 22,000 pieces per hour.
  • Maximize productivity and labor savings with ergonomic workcell and unique high performance features.  
  • Increase yield per shift and system uptime with cascading feeders.

Personalize with precision

  • Deliver accurate results required for processing high value, personalized direct mail with real-time, integrated, end-to-end tracking and control.
  • Separate materials with precision to eliminate double feeds.
  • Accurately and easily account for all pieces within a job with configurable QC diverts.
  • Consistently achieve higher yields while maximizing your system utilization with precision performance motion control platform.

Flexibility to take on more jobs and more formats

  • Process a broad range of materials with a combination of Friction and Rotary feeders.
  • Increase value-add services and profitability with up to 100% variable envelope printing.
  • Protect your investment and add new capabilities when your business requirements change including read and print, metering and zip sorting.
  • Maximize system uptime and eliminate wear and tear with smart motor technology.

Product Specifications

Mail piece size

#10/DL 6x9/C5

Envelope depth

Min: 3.875" (98.4mm)
Max: 6.375" (162mm)

Envelope width

Min: 7" (178mm)
Max: 10.374" (264mm)

Enclosure min

Min: 5.5" (140mm)
Max: 6.25" (158mm)

Enclosure max

Min: 5.5" (76mm)
Max: 9⅞" (250mm)


Up to 22,000 cph

Feeder types

Friction and rotary

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