It has become easier and more cost-effective for consumers to purchase goods outside of their own country through online retailers. Consumers realize that products are more readily available and at lower prices. Cross-border sales have seen online retailers continue to grow their overall revenues consistently year after year. European and Asian markets continue their rapid growth and are leading the way by doubling the global average, while countries like China are driving most of the cross-border e-commerce growth.

Online purchases have become the norm, pushing businesses to adjust how they process orders. Increased cross-border traffic has had a positive affect on businesses, as it has not only increased revenue, but has also provided the ability to become truly global.

BlueCrest helps to enabled billions of cross-border e-commerce transactions by leveraging its knowledge of postal automation. The company is a provider of order fulfillment solutions for e-commerce, supporting low-, medium- and high-volume distribution requirements. This can range from a large percentage of single-line orders, to same-day or next-day shipping and returns processing.

A non-biased approach to the development of each e-commerce order fulfillment system is taken and the experience and expertise in designing high-performance solutions is always recognized. There have been hundreds of successful order fulfillment systems and operations with e-commerce retailers and wholesalers worldwide. This is possible because of each solution’s system design and management software, which provides real-time control and visibility.

The solution systems can comprise of a single solution, or can include operational functions from receiving to shipping. The key is that each system is engineered as a modular, flexible and scalable solution to accommodate future growth. All software solutions offered manage people, processes and equipment to meet distribution requirements, from order fulfillment to labor management systems.

Intelligent Software delivers real-time fulfillment execution, and when it comes to e-commerce, there are many variables driving solution creation. These can vary from seasonal demand changes and next-day or same-day deliveries, to having more customer orders that are small and costly to manage. These are things that impact business.

BlueCrest is positioned to offer hardware solutions for global e-commerce, such as the ‘dual push tray’ solution on its TrueSort® offering, which enables the sortation of a large variety of parcel sizes and weights on a single platform. If a higher speed is needed with length variety, then the ‘bomb bay’ solution is best; in situations where high-speed small parcel sorting is required, the ‘tilt tray’ is the best solution. All these solutions depend on mail stream, parcel size characteristics, data requirements and any additional processes to capture data that cannot be fully automated.

Hardware is not the only area of upgrade. Software is another valuable addition for businesses looking to become self-sufficient. SortEngine™ 360 is a knowledge-based logistics platform providing data that adapts and optimizes operations in real time, either on-site or remotely. The software provides unique value in application flexibility, seamless interface, exceptional OCR, image capture and reporting.

Most businesses require blends of logistics and decision processes. The continued rise of e-commerce has increased parcel volumes and client expectations. Organizations must continue striving to remain competitive, so having intelligent software and automation is of prime importance. Additionally, with the continued evolution of e-commerce, data must be driven by a platform that provides flexibility and stability.